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Exhibition December 13, 2019 − January 15
Two academics - two eras
The opening of the exhibition project took place in the Romanov Museum of Kostroma“Two Academics - Two Eras”dedicated to the work of outstanding Kostroma artists: Gennady Alexandrovich Ladyzhensky and Andrei Arkadyevich Zakharov.

The exposition is represented by magnificent paintings and graphic works of artists who speak the language of fine art about their love for the homeland.
Despite the fact that artists belong to different centuries, they are united by their love for their native land, their passion for travel, and their desire to capture different states of nature. In the entire history of the Kostroma region, only two artists have been awarded the high title of academician of the Russian Academy of Arts - these are G. A. Ladyzhensky and A. A. Zakharov. Their best works, presented together, will show that they are rightfully wearing this title.
Prepared from the materials of the website of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Galleries at the exhibition