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Exhibition December 20, 2019 − January 12
Father and son. Pereyaslavlts
The Russian Academy of Arts invites you to visit the exhibition of works by masters of the outstanding Russian art dynasty Pereyaslavtsev"Father and son. Pereyaslavtsy ».

The exhibition presents about 100 paintings and sculptures of academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts - the artist Vladimir Pereyaslavets (1918-2018) and his son, the sculptor Mikhail Pereyaslavets.

The creativity of these masters vividly characterizes the artistic searches, stylistics, and emotional atmosphere of various periods of Russian fine art. They are united not only by family ties, spiritual kinship, but also by a passionate commitment to artistic creativity, the desire to convey the world around us in its diversity and completeness, harmony and unity. The artists of this dynasty are characterized by a bright, authorial style, which is based on a deep comprehension of the traditions of European realistic art.

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