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Exhibition November 12, 2019 − January 12
Let's see the exhibition! or VDNKh Cultural Code
An exhibition is being held in pavilion 67 “Soviet Press” of VDNH“Let's see the exhibition! or VDNKh Cultural Code ».

The exhibition presents the graphic works of Valery and Natalya Cherkashin and the series “Battle for the Harvest” by Anton Chumak, combining pavilion ornamentation, industrial motifs and heraldic images. Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt shows monumental panels in which fragments of buildings and the decor of the Exhibition on a golden background pop up as memories of an ancient civilization - Atlantis, which went under water. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to arts and crafts.

The project is attended by well-known Russian artists who directly or indirectly in their work turn to the aesthetics of the Exhibition. Among them are Yegor Koshelev, Victor Skersis, Lyudmila Skripkina, Alexander Sigutin, Diana Machulina, Irina Korina, Olga Chernysheva, Sergey Geta. Here you can see the work of the photographer Igor Mukhin, as well as fragments of films that were shot against the backdrop of VDNH - “Pig and Shepherd”, “Foundling”, “The Bright Way”.

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