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Exhibition March 13, 2020 − January 31, 2021
Absolutely Imperfect: Cranach, Durer, and Nude Renaissance
Surprisingly realistic and attractive, these nudes represent the beauty ideals of two prominent artists of the Northern Renaissance: Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach the Elder. While Dürer relied on a system of accurate mathematical measurements to depict the human body, Cranach developed a characteristic figurative type, whose weakened bodies did not correspond to the Renaissance ideals of harmony and mathematical proportion.

At the exhibition "Absolutely Imperfect: Cranach, Durer, and Nude Renaissance"Engravings and paintings from the collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will be presented. The exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to better understand these two artists and their widely differing approach to female form.
1502, 33.2×23.1 cm
All artworks at the exhibition