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Exhibition November 28, 2019 − February 24
Alexander Tyshler. Theater in easel paintings
The State Russian Museum in the Stroganov Palace holds an exhibition“Alexander Tyshler. Theater in easel paintings ".

The exhibition includes works from the collection of the Russian Museum, which has an extensive collection of paintings and graphic works by Tyshler, which came to the museum from the master himself and his wife, art critic F.Ya. Syrkina, as well as in the donated vast collection of theatrical art G.M. Levitin, a close friend of many domestic theater artists.

In the works presented at the exhibition, the master's romantic theatrical vision is invariably felt, allowing one to speak of a special Tyshler artistry, a peculiar refraction of the mythologism of the revolution. It is fully disclosed in cycles related to the comprehension of events and images of the Civil War, in which the artist took a direct part.

Based on site materialsThe State Russian Museum.