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Exhibition December 7, 2019 − March 8
Victoria Calvatone: the fate of one masterpiece
An exhibition began in the Roman courtyard of the Hermitage"Victoria Calvatone: the fate of one masterpiece"organized by the State Hermitage and the State Museums of Berlin.

All the works presented at the exposition - and there are more than sixty of them - are associated with various interpretations of the image of a female deity standing on a ball, and illustrate its history from Antiquity until the middle of the XIX century - the time of the discovery of the Roman statue of Victoria Calvatone.

The exposition is dedicated to the end of the restoration of the statue of Victoria Calvatone, an outstanding monument of world culture. Among the ancient plastic found in museum and private collections, such works made of gilt bronze are a unique phenomenon. The restoration of the monument in the State Hermitage was based on the principles of least interference with the historical appearance of the winged goddess of Victory, which is widely known in Europe thanks to a number of copies from Victoria Calvatone.

Based on site materialsState Hermitage Museum.
Galleries at the exhibition