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Exhibition November 13, 2019 − January 12
Geometrism. 1950s - 2010s
State Tretyakov Gallery holds an exhibition"Geometrisms. 1950s - 2010s".

The exhibition presents the work of eight authors who worked in painting, drawing, sculpture and objects: V.E. Andreenkov, R.L. Apresyan, T.V. Badanina, A.V. Kirtsova, V.N. Nemukhin, E.A. Steinberg, A.M. Yulikov, V.I. Yurlov.

Geometric abstractionism is a trend in abstract art, which is based on the creation of an artistic image by combining various geometric shapes, color planes, straight and broken lines. In Russian art, interest in abstraction has arisen in the “unofficial” environment since the late 1950s. Young artists studied the language of geometric abstraction from followers of the Russian avant-garde, discovered this version of art by visiting the storerooms of the Tretyakov Gallery and reading magazines brought from the West. Each of the masters of the Moscow School of Geometric Abstraction introduced its own characteristics into its development.

Based on site materialsThe State Tretyakov Gallery.
All artists at the exhibition