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Exhibition November 8 − December 15, 2019
The silence between the drops falling
Museum of Modern Art "Artmuza" holds an exhibition"The silence between the falling drops".

The exhibition presents paintings, panels and art objects of Yuri Mukhin and Svetlana Mukhina.

The story of Yuri and Svetlana Mukhins is a story about a strange, gentle and slow world. A world that is created by myth and creates myth itself at every step of its existence. The world of authors is a story told to the sound of rain. Between the fall of two drops there is a completely separate, unlike anything else silence. In this silence a whole story can arise, exist and die. In the interval between the fall of two drops, art arises.

According to the official siteMuseum of Contemporary Art "Artmuse".
Photo: Svetlana Mukhina.