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Exhibition September 25 − December 31, 2019
Alexey Alekseevich Repin. To the 110th anniversary of the Vyatka art circle
Vyatka Art Museum. V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov holds an exhibition“Alexey Repin. To the 110th anniversary of the Vyatka art circle ".

The exhibition features paintings by A.A. Repin, including “In the Tea Room” and “Double Portrait”, which were bequeathed to the museum by the author himself in 1911.

Aleksei Alekseevich Repin, while studying at the Moscow Art School, was predicted a great future, calling him “the second Repin”. Since 1908, he participated in art exhibitions of Vyatka and Moscow, was elected a member of the Expert Commission of the Vyatka art circle for the selection of works for exhibitions. In 1910 A. Repin became one of the organizers of the Vyatka Museum of Art and History, and was directly involved in completing the museum collection. In 1912, the artist tragically passed away. At the personal posthumous exhibition of A.A. Repin in Vyatka in 1912, 59 paintings were exhibited, but today the whereabouts of many works is unknown.

Based on site materialsVyatka Art Museum. V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsovs.

All artworks at the exhibition