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Exhibition 7 − February 14, 2016
Kinder Album | L'albatros mon amour and The Trap
The exhibition by Kinder Album from Lviv (Ukraine) consists of two parts: L'albatros mon amour and The Trap. L'albatros mon amour is "a series of paintings, which describe in some detail my holiday romance with an albatross. Everything happened here in Kotor, Montenegro. Afterwards we flew our separate ways and never saw each other again."
"The Trap is an installation about the fears that drive us into those internal traps from which there is no escape.
Having literally climbed the stairs to the very top, the viewer is increasingly confronted by his phobias, and by the choice: either to run back down or climb out onto the roof or to subdue those fears by confronting them. "
Galleries at the exhibition