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Exhibition November 30, 2019 − March 8, 2020
Hans Baldung Green
State Kunsthalle Karlsruhe presents exhibition "Hans Baldung Green".

Living in times of radical upheaval characterized by the Protestant Reformation, with its iconoclasm and peasant uprising, the artist created new and often eccentric works. His extremely expressive paintings, virtuoso drawings and extraordinary woodcuts to this day excite the imagination of the audience.

Never satisfied with general achievements, Green always looked for original forms of expression and structured his work in two directions: sacred art (impressive tables, glowing stained glass windows and intimate paintings) and profane works (expressive portraits, images of modern or ancient scenes, mysterious paintings for humanistic patrons and suggestive nudes, including his famous fall images and graphic images of witches).
1518, 18×31 cm
1534, 20×34 cm
All artworks at the exhibition