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Exhibition November 19 − December 9
Olga Adam. All the money of the world
Museum of the History of Kiev presents an exhibition of Olga Adam "All the money of the world".

“How do images on money affect the world? How do they evolve and what role do they play? And why now, in the era of digital media, when images have disappeared, money has not lost its energy properties and power over people, although image as art has not ceased to be an international language of communication and still has influence? The artist Olga Adam is trying to find answers to all these questions, stylizing and interpreting images on banknotes and coins of different countries, ”the organizers note.

Olga Adam graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Art (Department of Book Graphics) and the Kharkov Pedagogical University (Department of History). For some time she worked as an artist in the field of theater, cinema and television. In 2010, she created an art studio for children and adults in Kiev. The works were presented at international exhibitions in Belgium and the Czech Republic.