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Exhibition November 9 − December 8
VHU-75. Exhibition of paintings by masters of Russian fine art
An exhibition is held in the exhibition halls of the Primorsky State Art Gallery"VHU - 75".

The exposition is very representative by name and diverse in genres, it included more than forty works: landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

The exhibition of paintings by masters of Russian fine art is dedicated to a remarkable event in the history of the Russian art school - the 75th anniversary of the Vladivostok Art School. Some of the works presented at the exhibition are dedicated to the Far East: painting by O.N. Loshakova (Moscow), E.I. Datsko (Moscow), V.A.Serov (Ussuriysk), A.A. Usenko (Rostov-on-Don). In the works of painters living in Primorye, connected with this land by bloody historical ties, the eternal charm of the magical land of the Far East is revealed: painting by O.K. Nikitchik (Ussuriysk), E.V. Pestryakova (Arseniev city), S.D. Gorbachev (Vladivostok), E.A. Tkachenko (Ussuriysk), O.A. Kim (Ussuriysk). Artists living in other regions of Russia presented their paintings, revealing to the Far Eastern viewer the beauty of central Russia: works by A.L. Nikolaev (Kirov), S.A.Sirenko (Moscow), P.T. Stronsky (Moscow).

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