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Exhibition November 15 − December 8
Nikolai Karabinovich. Sweet pit
Khmelnitsky Gallery MASLO presents a personal exhibition of Nikolai KarabinovichSweet pit". The artist focuses on a number of historical personalities, including Nicolae Ceausescu, Enver Hoxha, Muammar Gaddafi and Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Attracting the ghosts of dictators and political leaders, the author examines the nature of power and emphasizes the drama of the moment of its loss. The exhibition constructs a stage for speculative historical polyphony, where individual voices of power figures are united by a common space. The author describes such a place as a “sweet hole”.

Nikolai Karabinovich was born in 1988 in Odessa. Lives and works in Ghent (Belgium) and Kiev. The artist works in various media.