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Sinara Art Gallery holds an exhibition by Alexander Gentsis"Socialist Surrealism".

The exhibition presents 17 large-format works, the plots of which are built on the contradiction between the conceptual utopia of socialism and everyday life.

The project demonstrates the fate of the industrial objects of socialism in the modern world. The monumental, once grandiose ideas embodied in the architecture of factories and factories, the ideology of labor and the public good, expressed in the forced build-up of production muscles, today seems more like ruins than a symbolic legacy. The photographer’s works return to the utilitarian aesthetics of the past and uphold the need to preserve the cultural memory of the bygone era and the last days of the ZIL plant. The socialist project was initially amazed by the scale of its plans and the pace of their implementation, already some of its unreality, surrealism was manifested in this. But the artist sees surrealism in how the fragments of a departing civilization and culture are joined with the new reality, how abandoned factory workshops look bizarre, at times.

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