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Exhibition May 30 − June 7, 2017
'Mud spring' rose de Borman and Ariadne Arendt
Proljećno Blato" (Spring Mud) - exhibition in the Studio of Rose de Borman and Ariadne Arendt. Rose and Ariadne the last two weeks and worked side by side on his research in the field of large and small natural forms. Findings and the results of their experiments, they put together in their workshop. About the artists: Rose de Borman is a multidisciplinary artist living in London. You will be able to see her drawings, cyanotype and ceramics, created based on images of local landscapes, including elements of sacred sites and natural finds.

Ariadne Arendt is an artist from London, born in the Crimea and is now operating in Montenegro. Ariadne works with ceramics and illustrations. On the insert it will show images of the mountains are created in different techniques, which were the results of her observations of the local geological formations.
Galleries at the exhibition