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The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries holds a retrospective exhibition of Nadezhda Alfredovna Everling"New circumstances".

The exhibition presents about 30 paintings and fabric collages by Nadezhda Everling, a master with universal talent, a painter, graphic artist, and theater artist. Visitors will see the works of the 1990s – 2000s, perhaps the most vivid period of her work associated with “pop art”, which attracted the artist with her flashy poisonous colors, aggressive meanings, and at the same time, ironic life stories that are most appropriate to the spirit of the times .

The exhibition at MISP offers the viewer to get in touch with the unique Everling art heritage, in which everything she saw, heard, felt - everyday stories, street scenes, oncoming passers-by, all the ups and downs of life and she herself - became episodes of colorful costumed action, turning everyday life into a thoughtful stage production, bright carnival and multifaceted performance.

Based on the official websiteMuseum of Art of St. Petersburg XX – XXI centuries.

All artworks at the exhibition