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Exhibition November 19, 2019 − January 26, 2020
Daguerreotype, autochrome, polaroid 1/1
The Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin presents an exhibition“Daguerreotype, autochrome, polaroid. 1/1 "dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the invention of photography.

The exposition will include 115 works that exist in a single copy from museums in France, Austria and Russia. Most genres are represented: portrait, landscape, still life, genre sketches, scientific and applied photography.

Among the authors: Louis Daguerre, Sergey Levitsky, Leon Gimpel, Antonin Personna, Stephen Shore and Helmut Newton.
The exhibition will demonstrate three basic historical methods by which a single image is created: daguerreotype, autochrom, polaroid. Visitors will see unique examples of three rare technologies in the history of photographic art, which not only did not allow the reproduction of works, but were also the first of its kind: the first photographic image, the first color photograph, the first instant print.

The exposition is located in seven halls of the Art Gallery of Europe and America of the XIX – XX centuries, three of which occupy thematic installations dedicated to the presented technologies.

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