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Exhibition October 30 − November 13
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Informal fall
Odessa Artodessa Gallery hosts an exhibition of nonconformist artists "Informal fall". The project involves 12 authors who profess the principles of freedom from dogma, restrictions and stereotypes. Participants: Svetlana Yusim, Vladimir Tsyupko, Oleg Voloshinov, Vladimir Strelnikov, Evgeny Rakhmanin, Alexander Stovbur, Valery Basanets, Victor Marinyuk, Vasily Sad, Sergey Savchenko, Victor Ignatiev, Ruslan Makoyev.

“This exhibition has a very great historical significance. When the process of manifestation of modernism began, in the Soviet Union there was everywhere the imposition of socialist realism. And those artists who worked in the Art Nouveau style, I call "shot rebirth." It is very good that now there is an opportunity for this trend to develop, ”said project participant Yevgeny Rakhmanin.