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Exhibition September 5 − November 17
Nikolay Rubtsov in graphics and bookplate
Vologda Regional Art Gallery (VOKG) invites to the exhibition"Nikolai Rubtsov in graphics and bookplate"from the VOKG collection and S.A. private collection Dmitrieva.

The exposition presents more than 80 exhibits: graphic works created by both professional artists and amateur artists of Russia and several foreign countries, photographs related to the life and work of Nikolai Rubtsov, works of decorative art dedicated to the poet.

The exhibition presents works from the funds of the Vologda Art Gallery and from the private collection of Cherepovets Sergei Dmitriev, who passed away at the end of last year. He collected everything that was somehow connected with the name of Rubtsov, and was also known as the author-performer, more than once performed at concerts of the Rubtsovskaya Autumn. Among the exhibits is a unique bookplate of Nikolai Rubtsov himself. It was completed in 1963 by the Moscow graphic artist Vadim Kirin.

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