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Exhibition October 17 − November 17
Vasily Masyutin from the collection of V.G. Belikova
In the Ryazan State Regional Art Museum. I.P. Pozhalostina passesexhibition of works by the famous Russian artist, master of engraving Vasily Masyutin.

Presented more than sixty sheets from the collection of the famous lover and collector of engraving V. G. Belikov (Moscow).

Vasily Nikolayevich Masyutin (1884 - 1955) rightfully takes the place of one of the best graphics of the XX century. His works are characterized by the complexity of compositional construction and images, the saturation with symbols, allegories, acute grotesque and internal expression. Not without reason, on the eve of the revolution, the engraver gained a reputation as a “Russian Goya”.

Based on site materialsRyazan State Regional Art Museum. I.P. Pity.