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Exhibition September 13, 2019 − February 16, 2020
Words, Images, Places
During its existence, the city of Sofia had different names and experienced different periods of its development. Over 140 years since Sofia was proclaimed the capital, it has evolved from a small town into a significant and vibrant city with its own face, spirit and culture.

At the exhibition "Words, Images, Places"the life and development of the capital is traced, reflected in the works of generations of Bulgarian artists. A peculiar walk from the sights and events in Sofia passes through the canvases of Anton Mitov, Nikol Petrov, Ivan Getsov, Tsanko Lavrenov, Nikola Tanev, Zlaty Boyadzhiev, Dechko Uzunov Thekla Alekseev, Ivan Kirkov , Lachezar Boyadzhiev and others.