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Exhibition October 10, 2019 − January 12, 2020
Pierre Bonnard. Memory color
Pierre Bonnard was born in 1867, as was Henri Matisse, one of the greatest colorists of the early twentieth century. He preferred to work from memory, creatively capturing the spirit of the moment and expressing it through his unique handling of color and the innovative sense of composition.

Exhibition "Memory color"focuses on Bonnard's work from 1912, when color became the dominant theme, and until his death in 1947. It features landscapes and intimate everyday scenes that capture moments in time - when someone just left the room, the meal is only what ended, an instant view from the window or a sneak at another person.
1925, 128.3×109.4 cm
1925, 86×120.6 cm
1935, 134×69.2 cm
1919, 116×121 cm
1915, 73×106.4 cm
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