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Vyatka Art Museum. V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov holds an exhibition"Only the sky".

The exposition presents landscapes of domestic artists of the XIX - XXI centuries, including works by Kirov authors, in which they paid special attention to the transfer of the state of the sky.

The works presented at the exhibition are diverse in style, motives, imaginative solution, character and manner of writing, composition and color. But of course, the sky is a wonderful object for painting. It determines the atmosphere and mood of the picture. The state of the sky is constantly changing, sometimes instantly - from bright sunny it can turn into a gloomy one, spewing thunder and lightning, and after a thunderstorm again shine and light a seven-color rainbow. This is what attracts artists. Whatever the sky, dreamers and romantics will never disappear, striving to touch its secrets not in order to unravel them, but in order to become participants in the creation of a great mystery.

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