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Exhibition 13 − December 15
X Moscow International Exhibition "Doll Art"
The 10th exhibition of Teddy’s author's art collection dolls and bears “Doll Art” will be held December 13-15. The organizers have prepared a powerful anniversary program this year: dozens of projects, each of which could be a full-fledged independent exhibition, the audience will see on one site of the Gostiny Dvor. The architecture of this space makes it possible to organically exhibit here both classics, and antiques, and experimental modernist and postmodern collections of contemporary doll artists. And the contemporary art of dolls is so diverse and multifaceted that it is impossible to determine its general trends or style: everything living, everything developing, everything with great potential for the future.
The Gostiny Dvor is a unique opportunity for the organizers to gather all the best and famous, famous and beginners, noted with all possible awards and only taking their first big steps. The geography of participants is about 30 countries. The number of works cannot be counted. And viewers, of course, go to this famous exhibition not for quantity. Lovers go to admire the fabulous beauty of the best puppet divas from around the world; sophisticated collectors in a hurry to see new talents and the latest works of the masters; artists with bated breath are waiting for evaluations of critics and colleagues in the creative workshop. “Doll Art” is an event where the most high-profile discoveries, the most sensational sales, the most important meetings of the year happen. The exhibition of the year, the name of which has already been narrowed among the people to one word “Dolls” - and no explanation is needed anymore! Need to go!
Traditionally, the exhibition space is zoned for art projects, art exhibitions, and the territory of good: a charity event.
This year, the organizers prepared 32 special projects and hundreds of original exhibitions with dolls and teddy bears.
Viewers will see:
- “The Year of Barbie in Russia”: The Dolls of the World Foundation declared 2019 the year of Barbie in Russia. The exposition of rare Barbie from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Doll History is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the doll;
- “Vanguard. Theatre. Fashion ”: a collection of hampelman dolls based on sketches by Lyubov Popova, 1921;
- “Artists - to the Museum”: the exposition of the Moscow Museum of the History of Dolls, which invited the best Russian artists to create their own authorial outfits of antique dolls;
- Amadeus: a project that has no analogues in the world. This is a huge exhibition with dozens of dolls, castles, park fragments, which were filled with doll characters by dozens of authors led by Lyubov Lukyanchuk;
- “PashaPasha. New York ": the project of a young artist from America of Russian origin Pasha Setrova;
- “Birds and People”: the author’s project of the project curator Alena Borshchagovskaya in collaboration with several artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg;
- "Dolls of a child’s dream": German industrial collection dolls and limited edition toys - new items, rare molds, the most popular "dream dolls" for girls around the world; hundreds of huge beautiful play dolls, collected under the motto "Dream of any little girl.
The charity area of the exhibition - “Territory of Good” - was given to the program “Skiing Dreams” by Sergey and Natalia Belogolovtsevs.
28 projects of the art zone of the exhibition organically move into a vast territory of creativity, which has collected new collections of Teddy dolls and bears from around the world. Here, guests of the exhibition will have the opportunity to buy the works of artists of different levels and price ranges, educational literature, materials for creating dolls and bears, accessories, gifts for the Christmas tree and under the Christmas tree, take pictures with unique dolls that after the exhibition will fall into private collections and disappear from forever public view.
The exposition is addressed to a wide range of spectators, families with children of different ages.