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Exhibition October 11, 2019 − January 13, 2020
Vincent van Gogh
The Royal Ueno Museum in Tokyo hosts the exhibition "Vincent van Gogh". The exhibition brings together 40 works by Van Gogh, which highlight two main points in the artist's career - his life in The Hague and the influence of the Hague School, as well as his later transition to impressionism. Another 30 works by masters of the Hague School, including Anton Mauve, as well as works by the Impressionists, such as Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro, are presented.

This is Van Gogh's largest exhibition in Japan. 25 museums from 10 countries provided works from their collections for this project.

June 1889, 93.3×7.4 cm
All artworks at the exhibition