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Exhibition October 8, 2019 − January 12, 2020
Mane and modern beauty
Eduard Manet was a provocateur and fashionista, a great impressionist artist in modern Paris. This is the first in historyExhibitiondedicated to the last years of Mane’s short life and career, reveals a fresh and surprisingly intimate aspect of the work of this famous artist. Stylish portraits, juicy still lifes, delicate pastels and watercolors, vibrant cafes and garden scenes convey the elegant social world of Mans and reveal his growing passion for fashion, flowers and modern femininity, embodied in the Parisian style.
Galleries at the exhibition
1881, 74×51.5 cm
1874, 97.2×130.2 cm
1879, 61.2×50.7 cm
All artworks at the exhibition