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Exhibition August 22 − October 21
3 days left
Plastic mass
Russian Museum in the halls of the Marble Palace holds an exhibition"Plastic mass".

The exposition includes more than 70 works by thirty artists, including famous representatives of contemporary art.

The exhibition for the first time so fully represents the variety of techniques of work of domestic sculptors of the second half of the XX-XXI centuries with various polymeric materials. The emergence of new avant-garde trends in painting and the use of ready-made factory objects (ready-made) in the early twentieth century completely changed the idea of what a work of art should be. The scientific revolution and the development of industrial technologies led to the appearance of new materials: various types of plastics, composite mixtures, etc., which were actively used by artists to create spatial objects of a new type. The sculptors of Moscow and St. Petersburg, working with plastics, turn both to projects that are feasible in the near or distant future, and to the images and plastic principles of ancient classics.

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Galleries at the exhibition