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Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after M. A. Vrubel presents an exhibition of contemporary art"Street wave".

The exposition includes over 50 works created in the 2010s: paintings, drawings, circulation graphics and assemblies of thirty-four authors from all over Russia, as well as the work of six outstanding Western artists, emphasizing the relevance of the works of Russian writers created in the context of global culture.

“Street wave” is a trend in modern urban art, indicated by a circle of authors whose work was formed under the influence of subcultural graffiti - unauthorized replication of a pseudonym or name of his team in public space. Drawing mainly from the late 1990s, these people have gone from dusty walls of houses and fences to bright halls of museums and galleries with world-famous names. The artistic method of a number of authors has changed significantly over time, but for most of them the stage of creativity in urban space has become decisive.

Submitted Authors: Alexei Luka, Anatoly Akue, Andrey Berger (Aber), Vladimir Gupalov (Nootk), Vladimir Manzhos (Waone of Interesni Kazki), Dinosaur Gu, Dmitry Aske, Evgeni Ches, Zakhar Evseev (Zak Mini Monster), Ilya Blinov ( Slak), Ilya Kazantsev (North 0 °), Ilya Kovalenko (Henok), Kirill Who, Konstantin Danilov (Zmogk), Kostya Original, Strong Finger (group of authors), Ksyusha Lastochka, Lisa Shelest, Maxim Trulov, Marat Abishev (Remarik) , Marat Danilyan (Morik), Misha Most, Pavel Pletnev (Pats), Pavel Rtue, Petr Gerasimenko (Petro), Pokras Lampas, Rustam Kubik, Yura Zabse, Yura Kiryushin, ADED (group of authors), Edgar Bernardo Dos Santos (Ed-Mun), Helio Bray, Manuel Di Rita (Peeta), Nikolaus Nychos, Shepard Fairey (Obey).

Based on site materialsOOMII them. M. A. Vrubel.