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Exhibition September 18 − November 17
Heroic Monument
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow presents an exhibition"Heroic monument".

The exposition was composed by the work of one of the most significant artists of Soviet unofficial culture, a classic of Russian and world contemporary artVladimir Borisovich Yankilevsky. The central place in the Heroic Monument project is occupied by a sculpture restored according to the drawings of the artist and photographs from the 1994 exhibition at La Base Center.

The work of Vladimir Yankilevsky is unique and interesting in that, on the one hand, he is characterized by violent expression and the maximum emotional tension of each artistic gesture, regardless of the technique the artist works in: painting, collage, relief, drawing or sculpture; on the other hand, his artistic system is built extremely intellectually.

The conflict, tension and harmony between the emotional and intellectual principles in the works of Vladimir Yankilevsky, an attempt to capture the universal structure of the universe and the transformation of the created works into their own art universe in every work, determine the special place that the author occupies both in modern Russian and in the world art. It is no accident that Vladimir Yankilevsky was the first Soviet artist whose work was purchased in the collection of the Center Georges Pompidou in the first year of the museum in 1977.

During his lifetime, Vladimir Yankilevsky had more than 40 solo exhibitions. His works are in the collections of major museums and galleries in the world, including the Georges Pompidou Center (Paris), the London Tate Modern Gallery, the Ludwig Museum (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg), the Prague National Gallery, the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov Gallery and other

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