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Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow holds an exhibition of artworks by Alexandra Vertinsky"Paradise".

Along with the paintings of past years, the Paradise exhibition included a new series of works in which Alexandra Vertinskaya addresses the theme of the botanical garden as a projection of heaven on earth.

A separate part of the exhibition was the “Cabinet” installation, where the beautiful flowers depicted by the artist live side by side with ancient scientific botanical engravings, educational posters, herbarium specimens and paintings by old masters.

In her work, Aleksandra Vertinskaya gives a second life to a classic theme. Like the old masters, the artist paints flowers from nature, trying to capture and perpetuate their momentary and fragile beauty. Suddenly, traditional images in her work receive an up-to-date reading. Vertinskaya uses modern artistic techniques and technologies to create them, receiving multilayer works in the author’s technique at the output, combining the initial “preparatory” images on canvases - be it photographs, collages, silk-screen printing - and painting, which is not so much complementary as it completely transforms the work. The picturesque foundation is important for the author, since it is precisely this that is the connecting bridge between the real world and the fictional world.
All artworks at the exhibition