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Exhibition September 26 − October 13
Sergey Aliev-Kovyka. Seasons
In the art museum of the Dnieper resembles an exhibition of contemporary Dnieper artist Sergei Aliyev-Kovyka "Seasons". The exposition presents the artist’s works of the past few years, made by acrylic and alkyd enamel. This is all - the city’s landscapes at different times of the year.

Sergey Aliev-Kovyka was born in 1956. Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, workshop of May Miturich. The author of the graphic design of numerous local literary publications, including children's books. He works in the field of painting, easel graphics, design, sculpture, photography, revives in his own manner the techniques of embroidery and "winding" dolls. In creativity, he turns to folklore, historical, social topics.
Galleries at the exhibition