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Exhibition September 4 − November 10
Vasnetsovsky plein air. Favorite
Vyatka Art Museum. V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsovs presents the exhibition“Vasnetsovsky plein air. Favorites ».

The exhibition's exposition included about fifty paintings and graphic works created by the authors directly in those corners of the Vyatka land that are historically associated with the Vasnetsov family.

The graphic masters, working by nature, turned to various techniques and materials: watercolor, dry and oil pastels, pencil drawing, sanguine, sauce. The exposition includes graphic works by P.K. Rybakova, depicting the interiors of the Vasnetsovsky house in the village. Ryabovo.

The motives of most of the paintings and graphic works are inspired by the Vyatka nature, memorable Vasnetsov places, urban architecture of Urzhum and Kirov (Vyatka), rural views of Ryabovo and Lopyal. The open-air meeting demonstrates the diversity of genres, themes and motifs addressed by artists. The landscape genre stands out as predominant, and the audience is presented with a plot picture, still life, interior, portrait.

Based on site materials Vyatka Art Museum. V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsovs.