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The Russian Academy of Arts suggests visiting an exhibition of works by one of the interesting and extraordinary graphic artists of the twentieth century, People's Artist of the USSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Arts Leonid Vladimirovich Soifertis (1911–1996)"Just life".

The exhibition includes more than 50 works of different years from the collection of the artist's family.

Against the background of the saturated and dynamic development of domestic graphic art in the twentieth century, the work of the Moscow artist Leonid Soifertis causes deserved interest. A talented artist of newspapers and magazines, he enlivened such popular publications as Komsomolskaya Pravda, Searchlight, Spark, Smena, and Crocodile with his drawings. Stubbornly defending the principles of humanity, Soifertis looks like a true aristocrat of graphic skill, a true convinced knight of his profession. The artist’s art is noted for his rare insight, smile, warmth, ability to see and show how interesting a person is in ordinary reality, how interesting life is.

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Galleries at the exhibition