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Exhibition 15 − September 29
About Friendship, Art and Homeland
The Russian Academy of Arts in the museum-workshop of the national artist of Russia Alexander Tikhomirov holds an exhibition"About Friendship, Art and Homeland".

The exhibition presents the work of friends of Alexander Tikhomirov - folk artists of Russia, academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts, made in various techniques. Visitors will be able to see graphics, silk-screen printing, oil painting, watercolor, tempera painting on canvas and works written by acrylic. The exhibition presents works by prominent artists of Russia, including: President of the Russian Academy of Arts, People's Artist of the USSR Zurab Tsereteli and academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts - Igor Obrosov, Vitaly and Sergey Goryaev, Alexander Burganov, Alexander Tikhomirov, Evgeny Romashko, Konstantin Petrov, Vitaliy Korobeynikov.
Each picture glorifies the main values of the Russian man, is close to him in meaning, deep in content and unique in his authorial manner. The viewer is presented with an almost half-century section of the academic art of a galaxy of prominent Russian artists.

Based on the official websiteRussian Academy of Arts.

Galleries at the exhibition