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Moscow Museum of Modern Art in conjunction withMarlborough gallerypresents the first solo exhibition of the Spanish artist Juan Genovez in Moscow"Crowds".

The exposition contains about ninety works by a Spanish artist, in which, at different stages of his career, he explores the theme of the crowd in parallel with radical political changes in the country.

Juan Genoves was born in 1930 in Valencia and witnessed the entire "long twentieth century" of Spanish history: from the dictatorship of Franco to modern democratic Spain. The main character of his work has always been the crowd - the image is more than ambiguous and disturbing. However, the Genoese crowd is not so much political as formalistic. People in his works gather in various configurations and often around color spots, with which they enter into a curious aesthetic interaction. His works could be called social abstractions or, in the spirit of Boyce, social sculptures, with which they are related not only by social plasticity and mobility, but also by open historical and political symbolism.
The artist works mainly with painting, graphics, since the beginning of the 2000s also with sculpture, experimenting with various mixed techniques using collage and assembly.

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