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Exhibition September 25 − October 27
7 days left
Free Koptevoland
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Vadim Sidur Museum present a personal exhibition of Vladislav Kruchinsky"Free Koptevoland".

The project is a total installation of a Moscow artist working with graphics, especially with political caricature. The author talks about the current moment in the language of graphic satire, using watercolors as the main medium, which are best described by the term cartoon - not “caricature” and not “comic strip”, rather “graphic paradox”.

In the “Free Koptevoland” project, Vladislav Kruchinsky explores the problems of self-organization, local and autonomous communities, as well as how their relationships with dominant state structures can be built. The project tells the fantastic story of a single urban area, which with the help of a single radical solution was transformed into a kind of utopia.

Based on the official websiteMoscow Museum of Modern Art.

Galleries at the exhibition