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Exhibition September 18 − November 10
Oil: personal history
The State Tretyakov Gallery in the halls of the New Tretyakov Gallery hosts an exhibition of the famous Moscow artist Nikolai Nasedkin“Oil: a personal story”.

The exposition presents panels and paintings by the artist, created with the help of an oil suspension.

Oil has become part of the artist’s personal history - for more than 20 years he has been creating paintings using oil suspensions. The main question of the project is whether it is possible to discern a personal history in the global history of the modern world. The exhibition includes: a series of large-scale "oil" panels and columns, a large object "Lightfall", as well as videos made in the genre of the artist's travel diary to his small homeland in search of relatives.

Based on the official websiteThe State Tretyakov Gallery.

Galleries at the exhibition