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Exhibition August 29 − September 29
From the Great War to the Great Troubles
Kaluga Museum of Fine Arts invites to the exhibition“From the Great War to the Great Troubles”.

The exhibition features paintings by a St. Petersburg artist, a graduate of the I.E. Repin, Andrei Romasyukov.

The project "From the Great War to the Great Troubles" consists of creative works on the subject of Russian history of the early twentieth century and covers the period from the outbreak of the First World War, which was called the Great in the interwar period, to the end of the civil confrontation of 1917-1922. The first works of the series "From the Great War to the Great Troubles" by Andrei Romasyukov appeared in 2007, and today it includes about fifty compositions of the battle and portrait genres. An analysis of the role of the White movement in the First World War and the fate of Russia is a key topic in the work of Andrei Romasyukov. He is deeply immersed in the historical material of the indicated period, works in archives, collaborates with the Military Historical Society of St. Petersburg and collectors, so he has the opportunity to touch genuine objects of the beginning of the last century.

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