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The State Hermitage Museum in the Picket Hall of the Main Museum Complex opens the exhibition“Model of the Universe of the Renaissance. 16th Century Astronomical Clock from the Collection of the State Hermitage Museum ”.

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with a unique complex device created in 1584 by the famous Augsburg masters Georg Roll and Johann Reinhold commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II as a diplomatic gift to Ivan IV the Terrible.

The device, which is one of the earliest “mechanical realizations” of the system of the universe, is a vivid example of the scientific and technological revolution of the Renaissance. The device reproduces the model of the Universe in accordance with the ideas prevailing in Europe by the end of the sixteenth century, and includes the earliest known earthly and heavenly globes in Russia. During operation, the internal clockwork rotates the celestial globe, and moves along the ecliptic models of the Sun and Moon, showing the position of celestial bodies and constellations in real time. The automatic calendar shows the year, month, day and day of the week, as well as the name of the saint and the zodiac constellation corresponding to each day.

Prepared from the materials of the official website of the museumThe State Hermitage Museum.

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