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Moscow Central Art School at the Russian Academy of Arts (ICCA) presents an exhibition projectThe Heirs.

The project offers for display to the audience the creative works of artists and sculptors - successors of artistic dynasties.

The exhibition presents artworks by representatives of such creative dynasties as: Borisov, Begma, Bardenkov, Gilyarov, Grigoryany, Zagryazhsky-Ryabichev, Katyshev, Klykov, Korshunov, Pokladov, Stronsky, Shadrunov, among which are members of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the continuity of artistic and cultural traditions, which, according to the curators of the project, are inherited by children and grandchildren at the genetic level, absorbed by them from birth, thanks to their surrounding creative atmosphere. And also to ask how the upbringing of artistic taste and craftsmanship is connected with the traditions of the family, and whether the work of descendants really carries a bohemian elitism transmitted from their ancestors.

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