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Exhibition August 31 − September 13
Boris Grebenshchikov. Who is there?
The Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art hosts an exhibition of paintings by Boris Grebenshchikov "Who is there?". The exhibition features 38 works created by the author over the past 20 years. Each canvas has an original name. For example: “Othello missed” or “Captivity I.V. Stalin by the Irish Folk Hero Ferdinand ", or" To hell with yourself. "

“Lyricism, surrealism, irony, colorfulness and philosophicality are woven into a single and very hospitable Universe, where every hearing and seeing researcher of the life of the BG will find its place,” the booklet of the exhibition notes.

Creativity Grebeshchikova-painter belongs to OutsiderArt. In the United States, this term is understood as the art of traditional naive and autodidacts, as well as folk art, the art of various ethnic and professional groups and children.