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Exhibition August 28 − September 9
Moscow is my love
An art exhibition takes place in the halls of the Moscow House of Artists“Moscow is my love”.

The exposition includes paintings, sculptures and drawings by Moscow artists of various genres and directions, which show architectural monuments dear to the heart of every Muscovite, miraculously preserved streets, alleys and courtyards, and corners of the city untouched by time.

The exhibition is dedicated to the City Day. The main emphasis in the works presented at the exhibition is made on the combination of the modern look of the capital and its historical image. Some artists are looking for corners untouched by time in the capital, thereby preserving the memory of old Moscow, others capture the rapid changes in the urban environment with its new urban solutions, in the works of the third we see the faces of Muscovites, we hear their voices.

Based on the official websiteRussian Academy of Arts.