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Exhibition 4 − September 22
3 days left
Exhibition of works by Ruslan Tsrimov
The exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts will host a personal exhibition of works by the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of ArtsRuslan Naurbievich Tsrimov.

The exposition presents about a hundred paintings by the author, including works from the series “Motherhood”, “Crucifixion”, “Musician”, “Woman”, “Adam and Eve”, “Flowers”, “Ancient Dance”.

Tsrimov thinks in color and line. His coloristic declarations are distinct as the azure of heaven or the flickering colors of the sea. The color vision of the artist draws the viewer to the absolute purity conceived by the Creator during creation. The emotional component of images invariably subjugates formal decisions, filling them with a sound similar to what the ancients called “music of the spheres”. The lost unity of spirit and matter is the main theme of the works of Ruslan Tsrimov. The series “Motherhood” demonstrates metamorphoses of the eternal and traditional image of the mother with the baby, as if the signal passed through the layers of time, a kind of sound, spatial, color aberration. Despite bizarre changes, the foundation remains recognizable and is read by consciousness. The world-famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin, having visited his father’s homeland in Nalchik for the first time and saw the paintings of Tsrimov, was struck by “exquisite and refined color, in which at the same time one can feel undercurrent”.

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