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Gallery of the Kislovodsky National Park invites you to a personal exhibition, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Vice President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Chairman of the Stavropol Regional Branch of the TSHR Alexander Mikhailovich Rubts"Image and color".

The exposition presents the artist’s works created in the period 2016 - 2019. These are works from different cycles.

Alexander Rubets is a true blood painter, formed on the traditions of the Russian, Soviet art school of the late 60-70s. Initially, the academic accuracy of the drawing is not peculiar to him. The colorful layers, at times similar to pieces of smalt mosaic, like gigantic palms, are carefully held on the surface of the canvas until they completely “grow” to the base. Thick and already “cooled down” colorful pasta, shimmering from the inside, forms either low mountain spurs or sometimes melting rocks in the evening haze. The spontaneity of this universal process is truly surprising; it is in many ways similar to the picturesque plastic art of Paul Cezanne and his Russian adherents from Jack of Diamonds.

Based on the official websiteRussian Academy of Arts.
Photo of pictures -Alexander Rubets.