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Exhibition September 29, 2017 − January 7, 2018
A Retrospective Of Raphael
Albertinalocated in the Palace in the heart of historic Vienna, 29 September will open the exhibition of works by Raphael de Santi. There will be about 130 drawings and 17 paintings. They all cover different stages of the creative path of the artist: from the Umbrian period to works created in Florence and Rome.

Rafael in his genius not inferior to Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci. He was an artist and architect, a real man of the High Renaissance had extraordinary and versatile talents, has always tried to balance between the idealization and the absolute realism of his works. All his life this man, you might say, evolved in the works: improved the form and content, in order to achieve harmony in the paintings.

The exposition will help to learn more about the work of masters of the High Renaissance, to better understand his works.

Pictures for the exhibition, which runs until 7 January, taken from its collection of galleries, and many famous museums and private collections.