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Exhibition June 27 − October 6
Visibility: public / private / collective
Exhibition "Visibility: public / private / collective"presents figurative paintings of three contemporary artists, whose work explores how to reconcile self-image in public, private and collective spaces.

Possessing vivid color, collages and brilliance, Jonathan Lindon Chase’s inner figures merge and fragment, reflecting current gender, sexual and psychological conditions, while resisting social pressure associated with masculinity, heteronormativity, as well as physical and mental preparation.

Heidi Khan's large oil paintings depict women lost in their interior, away from social demands on women. Women avoid a smile and move through distractions and everyday life of everyday life, while the rich layers of Khan's dripping color signal the emotional depth of their personal psychological space.

Doron Langberg draws close relationships with family, friends and lovers at home. Layers of painting, wiping and scraping create a soft, ethereal atmosphere that expresses the feelings of these close and vulnerable relationships.