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Exhibition May 4 − November 10
Zhi Lin: Chinese Railway Workers Sierra, Nevada
To mark the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railway in 1869, the Nevada Museum of Art presentsan exhibitiondedicated to the art of Zhi Ling, who spent most of his career creating works of art reminiscent of the victims of Chinese migrant workers in Sierra, Nevada.

The completion of the railway that connected the United States from east to west is often celebrated as a grand achievement of America’s “Explicit Fate" and a unifying 19th-century call for the United States to expand west.

Canvases, video installations and watercolors by Ji Lin commemorate nearly 1,200 Chinese workers who died as a result of accidents, avalanches and explosions in the insidious Sierra area near the Donner Summit. While the names of most railroad workers have been lost to history, Zhi Lin is part of a growing group of artists and scholars working to translate their stories into America’s broader historical narrative.