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Exhibition August 9 − December 1
Charles Burchfield: Transitions
Burchfield Penney Center for the Arts presents an exhibitionCharles Burchfield: Transitions".

Charles Burchfield's landscapes reflect his cinematic vision. At the beginning of the twentieth century, when most of the American landscape painting reflected pleasant, silent scenes, he presented works of art that reflected an ever-changing nature.

Actively flowing currents or severe storms bring pleasant and lively weather to life. Sounds, such as the cries of birds and the cacophony of insects, appear thanks to his invention of a personal visual language of audio cryptograms to symbolize every characteristic tone and ricochet rhythm. In addition, Burchfield entered the imaginary kingdom, foreshadowing the change of seasons. He liked this unpredictable transitional period, when the characteristics of one season collided with another, fluctuating from day to day, week to week, in scenes where the inevitable arrival of the next season is tempting to soar in the distance. By drawing his immediate and unforgettable experiences, Burchfield hoped that others could penetrate his biosphere and share his deep love for the natural world.