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Exhibition August 20 − September 20
Остался 1 день
Yellow / blue
Gallery "ABC-art" begins the new season with a group thematic exhibition "Yellow / blue”, Dedicated to the State Flag Day of Ukraine. Different in time of writing, stylistics and artistic directions of the work are united by the idea of color (yellow / blue) as a phenomenon that can acquire ontological functions and express an unreal ensemble in painting. On the canvas in color, the artist creates an illusion, expressing his worldview, worldview and outlook.

The exhibition presents the works of Peter Bevz, Boris Buryak, Leo Vedilo, Theodosius Gumenyuk, Mikhail Demtsyu, Victor Zaretsky, Adolph Loza, Lubomir Medved, Oleg Minko, Sergey Savchenko, Roman Selsky, Pyotr Sypnyak, Anatoly Furlet, Valery Shkarupa, other Stepan Yarovoy .